Solutions for…

- Hotel and leisure
- Residential communities
- Construction sites
- Retail malls
- Commercial & office
- Halls of residence
- IRS TV networks
- Environmental control

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IRS White Paper

See Incamedia white paper ‘IRS explained for Property Developers’ – Download

Construction Site Networks

Networks for construction sites must provide exceptional reliability in challenging environments. The main characteristics of a modern construction site networks are:

  • Able to be expanded and reconfigured quickly as developments progress and yet still maintain maximum reliability
  • Supporting multiple data flows, from secure communications for critical applications to entertainment streams for accommodation blocks
  • Maintaining resilience and reliability  in extreme and challenging environments
  • Secure multi-company operation over shared single physical network
  • IP and Ethernet VPN plus CoS (Class of Service) prioritisation ensure sites are part of corporate network allowing access to company files and information
  • RFID tag systems to monitor asset movements plus IP CCTV to ensure site security
  • IPTV and broadband services for staff accomodation
  • Cellular mobile base stations

Wireless systems are increasingly specified for construction sites with obvious benefits for flexibility and scalability. Incamedia has particular experience with WiMAX networks, which are well suited to construction site applications, providing IP-based wireless broadband services with performance at the top of the 802.11x range, combined with the geographical coverage and QOS (quality of service) of cellular networks.