Solutions for…

- Hotel and leisure
- Residential communities
- Construction sites
- Retail malls
- Commercial & office
- Halls of residence
- IRS TV networks
- Environmental control

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IRS White Paper

See Incamedia white paper ‘IRS explained for Property Developers’ – Download

Environment & Energy

IT has a significant impact on the global environment in terms of the energy consumption of home, office and personal devices and the carbon cost of supporting the worldwide web infrastructure. Did you know, for instance,  that a Google search can produce between 1g and 10g of CO2, depending on the equipment and length of the search?

Incamedia has developed expertise in a number of areas where IT can be used positively and in a way that helps reduce, rather than increase, energy and emissions:

  • Use of Photovoltaic (PV) systems to reduce power requirements for network electronics and control centres
  • In residential networks, working with Multi Utility Supply Companies (MUSCOS) to use broadband networks to feed back energy usage data to consumers
  • Specifying ‘green’ computing to reduce data centre energy costs in commercial applications
  • Integrating intelligent building control systems to central networks to manage energy consumption in commercial and retail complexes

We also work with selected installation partners to provide on-site renewable energy solutions through wind, PV and CHP.