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IRS TV Networks

Incamedia are specialists in the design and procurement of large-scale digital communal TV systems for new housing and mixed-use developments.

Digital communal aerial systems are already common for MDUs and are increasingly specified for SDU and mixed residential communities, either by the developer or planning authorities. IRS is a common standard for  digital communal networks used in the UK.

  • IRS supplies satellite, terrestrial TV and radio by cable to each home
  • Removes the need for unsightly dishes and aerials
  • Residents manage own subscription for pay TV services e.g. Sky
  • Residents require TV license in UK
  • Fibre-based IRS (FIRS) is now cost competitive, requires no street cabinets and can be combined with triple-play systems e.g. broadband, IPTV, voice
  • Maintenance and support carried out by managing agents or community interest company

Incamedia have designed and procured very large residential TV networks,  serving  5,000 – 8,000 homes, based on Passive Optical Network (PON) fibre technology. If your development requires a communal TV system, our experience will ensure procurement of a technically competent network  at lowest cost.

We  also have technical experience of integrating IRS with broadband and voice networks to create an advanced community network delivering TV, high-speed broadband, video and voice.  We  can advise developers on business models which can provide an advanced fibre network in new build developments with no captial or revenue cost for the developer.

See our white paper ‘IRS explained for Property Developers’ – Download