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- Hotel and leisure
- Residential communities
- Construction sites
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- Commercial & office
- Halls of residence
- IRS TV networks
- Environmental control

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IRS White Paper

See Incamedia white paper ‘IRS explained for Property Developers’ – Download

Residential IT Networks – a developer opportunity

As buyers become more discerning, the provision of  networked services for new build residential developments is becoming an important aspect of infrastructure planning. Any major development which wishes to ensure that its offering remains competitive over the build-out should be considering providing the following services:

  • Satellite and terrestrial TV
  • Video-on-demand (VOD)
  • High-speed broadband
  • Voice
  • Energy and environment management
  • Future-proofing over long build periods

These requirements can only be met with a fibre to the premises (FTTX) network and developers are increasingly reluctant to leave this important aspect of infrastructure (and the future revenues)  to the lottery of  incumbent Telcos. If you are a developer, we can advise you on business  models which will allow you to share in future subscriber revenues and/or offset capital installation costs.

If you are master planning we will deliver an initial concept/strategy covering:

  • Options for FTTX TV, Broadband and Voice supply
  • Support for integrated VOIP, VOD, CCTV and environmental management
  • Future-proofing and scaling
  • Finance options and opportunities for developer revenue share