Solutions for…

- Hotel and leisure
- Residential communities
- Construction sites
- Retail malls
- Commercial & office
- Halls of residence
- IRS TV networks
- Environmental control

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IRS White Paper

See Incamedia white paper ‘IRS explained for Property Developers’ – Download

Retail Malls

With retail malls becoming larger (areas of 1,000,000 m sq are common) and mixed use (frequently featuring hotels, apartments and offices) reliable network strategy and design is more important than ever.

Incamedia’s expertise with fibre optic passive optical networks (PON) and powerful 802.11x wireless protocols, such as WiMAX, means we have the technical know-how to guarantee a cost-effective IT solution.

We provide design and specifications services, working independently, or through pre-qualified primary contractors. Alternatively, we can provide a complete end-to-end solution with partner installers.